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Smudge Creates Soaps

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

Throughout my blog posts, I want to detail my failures & successes as I navigate this life. I put so much stock and trust into this life - I am spiritually compelled to invest into it yet I have experienced how fragile and momentary it really all is. So I pour the residual emotion into my Creations. Creating Smudge products, bonding activities on Adventure Wednesdays with my kids, creating dinner, creating quiet, creating connection with friends, creating new friends - Creating My Life. And of course, making lots of soap. #donteatthesoap

Smudge's Organics was Created

In 2014, I decided to push ahead and make my hobby into a business. I knew I wanted to make it unique and different. I had contemplated opening a cupcake bakery, but my evolving lifestyle did not seem to mesh with the concept and there were a couple unfolding on the scene already. Soap has a better shelf life than cupcakes and is better on the waistline anyways. I wanted to prove not just your everyday bar of soap though. So each loaf of soap has my love and spirit poured into it as I design ahead of time or within the moment how this canvas of soap will appear & shine. Smudge's Organics originated as a Mommy & Baby natural product business but evolved as my exploration of self in my new role at home with babe evolved. #momlife #mommylife #motherhoodunplugged

It is still evolving & always will beI am a work in progress. I like it that way. Constantly Learning. Constantly Creating.


Smudge's Organics provides me the opportunity to be creative and decide what smells & colors a loaf of soap should take on. I create the soap from scratch in my heart & mind and then I create it physically. #wanderlust #neverstopexploring

I crave Creating something that is Mine from Scratch.


Most of the soap I make is goat's milk soap which I make with raw milk that I purchase from a Crown Point, IN 4-H Farming Family. Supporting that family, supporting the 4-H name, and selling my soap to my Northwest Indiana community is one of the coolest coincidences to ever happen to me.

Being a part of my own community in my own way is a piece of personal pride which motivates me to continue to thrive and be apart of the community's growth & evolution. How do you participate in your community or why do you chose to not participate? How do you show your gratitude & involvement in your tribe?

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