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Smudge Creates a Restored Door

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

My house is lived in. There is stuff everywhere. I have got to a better place in my heart about the blessed mess, but it has taken time for my patience to grow.

Not Earned or Learned. Grown. Home Grown.


Homestead Restoration & CreationMy home was not well taken care of for almost a decade by the previous owners. Since we have moved in 5 years ago, we've had 3 children, created a new business, had 2 major job changes, 1 new dog, 1 new cat. For the first 3 years, my husband traveled 50% of business days. Needless to say, there is a mile long list of homeowner tasks that need our attention. Imprinting this homestead as ours is a task I am so very excited & motivated to do. It can be all so overwhelming to the point of exhaustion; let alone that I only have 15 minutes to get something done on this for today. Where do you start? Is it even worth starting the project? Can I just sit here eating my bonbons & drinking wine all day? So I started from the beginning. The front door. The entrance into our home. This is the entrance into our lives; here we eat, dance, sleep, sign, cry, laugh, & love each other here.

I cleaned the area, sanded the entire thing, cleaned the area again, primed it with mold killing primer, taped the door to paint the blue, when dried - painted 2 more coats, when dried - removed the tape and re-taped to paint the trim, painted a lot of coats, when dried - took off the the tape, put my paint mess away after 2 weeks of this shindig.... and THEN I found the missing corner of the trim around the glass. #suchislife #asyoudo #doh #derp #onward Did you even notice in the above photos it wasn't there? Probably not, but I will always see it! So I've glued the corner in place and will be pulling the paint back out to do the final touches.

My patience with myself continues to grow with my homestead.


What nagging projects do you have on your to do list for your homestead? What tricks do you use to get yourself motivated to do projects? Which projects do you love & which can you not stand? Peace, Love, & Smudge ❤

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LOVE the new door! Noticed it right away!

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