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Smudge's Organics' Class Offerings

Goat's Milk Soap Making

This is our most coveted class- it is an experience extended from the ages!
This class is available for ages 12 yr+.

Students get a brief history of soap making and how cold process soap is made before we jump in to this hands on experience.  After we discuss the design process of soap making, each student chooses up to 2 colors, 2 dried herbs, and/or up to 3 blended essential oils to scent their soap.  We work through the measuring, melting, mixing, pouring, and curing, cutting process.  Each student takes home that day 4 x 3 oz bars of soap, a container to cure their soap in, a reusable silicone soap mold, and a printed recipe card.
This class requires a minimum of 4 students.
All equipment & ingredients are supplied.
This class runs 90-120 minutes in length.
This class can be hosted at our Crown Point, Indiana homestead for $35/student.  NOW this class is also mobile and can be done at any location with a running sink to wash our dishes immediately after use.  Mobile class cost is $45/student.

Bath Bomb Making
Students choose between 12 different essential oils and 4 different colors to make 2 Heart Shaped essential oil bath bombs.  Everyone learns about the different ingredients and weighs everything out on scales before mixing and molding.  All equipment for this class is provided.  This class requires a minimum of 6 students and the cost is 18/student.  This class typically runs 60-90 minutes in length, depending on class size.  The molds used are reusable and each student takes home a printed recipe to recreate this again at home.  This is a FABULOUS birthday party activity!

Essential Oil Roll-On Making
Students sniff and learn about 12 different essential oils.  Each student gets to choose a blend of essential oils of their choice to fill and dilute in a 10 ml glass roll-on.  Each student takes home their roll-on and a flier with overview of the essential oils reviewed that day and their suggested purposes.
This class requires a minimum of 6 students and costs $15/student.  This class takes only 30 minutes and is a great addition to a business event or social party.

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